Objective:  To familiarize students with horticulture along with the history of Kernersville, history of advertising, beginning of Children’s Theatre, background of “The Strangest House in the World”, and life in the 1880’s including family life, school life, & modes of travel

Build your own class field trip from the following:

Puppet Show & Children’s Tour  – Kőrner’s Folly

Students will watch a puppet show to learn more about the architect who built the Folly and his family followed by a shortened tour of the house..
Cost: $3 per student
Age: 1st grade & older

Reader’s Theatre – Kőrner’s Folly

Students each take a part as a Kőrner family member and ‘teach’ the other students about their history in Kernersville.  All students have an assigned part and script.
Cost: $3 per student
Age: 3rd grade & older

Tour of Kőrner’s Folly

Students will be able to tour a home built in the 1880’s to gain a better understanding of how life differed many years ago.
They will be given specific objects to ‘find’ as they tour the house.
Cost: $3 per student
Age: 1st grade & older

To schedule any of the above: www.kornersfolly.org   336-996-7922

1880 School Day at 1870’s One Room Schoolhouse

Students will have a typical lesson with all ages in one room – approx 30 min
Recess will consist of period games in school yard – approx 30 min.

Cost: $3 per student
Option for teacher-led lesson at no cost
Age: 1st grade & older

To schedule: kjhittell@gmail.com  336-399-3643

Kernersville’s 1873 Depot

Traveling in History
Model Trains and more!

Cost: Call for price
Age: 1st grade & older

To schedule: www.kernersvillemuseum.org  


Tour of Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden

Tour any or all garden spaces (Pattern Garden, Kitchen Garden, Xeric Scree garden beds, etc.)
Many potential topics to teach from – e.g., growing vegetables, where does our food come from, germinating seeds, etc. Tour meets the Essential Standards for 3rd grade.
Cost: free ($3 per seed kit if requested)
Age: 1st grade & up

To schedule: www.cienerbotanicalgarden.org     336-996-7888

Pre-Civil War Black Graveyard

Located behind the Stafford House & beside Cagney’s Restaurant
Teacher guided
Cost: free
Age: 1st grade & older
To schedule: kjhittell@gmail.com  336-399-3643

Number of Students

2 classes can be accommodated at one time (max 50 people)
Additional groups of 2 classes can follow this first group, thereby allowing 4 -6 classes to attend per day.

Scheduling info:  Contact individual parts of your tour to schedule.  Please schedule your classes at least 1 month in advance.  Home-schooled puppeteers make up the Folly puppetry cast and volunteer guides are used and must be scheduled. 

Designed and Created by the Kernersville Historic Preservation Society in conjunction with the Kőrner’s Folly Foundation, Kernersville Historic Depot, Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden.




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