Kernersville Historic Preservation Society   July Meeting
Monday July 17, 2017            6:30 PM
Newly Restored Körner's Folly Theater

Photo courtesy of Michael Blevins

Join us for a special presentation of the history of Cupid's Park
 -- Körner's Folly's beloved theater --
 From its inception to its recent restoration.  A surprise is in store for all that attend as the theater 'comes alive' again!!
 Everyone is welcome, please help spread the word.


This is the KHPS Key project for 2107.
A community wide initiative is needed to restore and preserve this important Kernersville site. The KHPS is seeking individuals and groups to join us in developing a plan to address the current and long term needs. There will be a discussion at our next meeting and if you have any questions, suggestions or comments please email:

Please join us at the next meeting of the Kernersville Historic Preservation Society meeting

                                                                                    “Nurturing Glad & Generous

                                                                                        Hearts for 150  Years”
                                                                                       Monday, March 20, 2017 @ 6:30PM
                                                                                       Kernersville Moravian Church Historic Chapel
                                                                                       504 South Main Street

The Kernersville Historical Preservation Society meets bi-monthly on the 3rd Monday in January, March, May, July, September, and November at 6:30 PM.  Members are notified about a week in advance of the location, time, and historical topic. 

Kernersville Historic Preservation Society

Special thanks to Reverend Right and Rod Hall as well as Sandra Jennings, Betsy Oerter, Ron Smith, Ed Fisher, Bobbie Wolfe and the kind members of the Kernersville Moravian Church who enlightened us about the Church, customs and traditions at our March 2017 KHPS meeting.

HISTORY: This graveyard was the burial ground for virtually the entire black population of the Kenersville community prior to the Civil War. After the Civil War several black members of the Methodist Episcopal Church established a new church to be known as St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church. St. Paul's congregation purchased the Methodist Episcopal Church building and moved it to the site of this graveyard in 1873, becoming the first place of worship for the black community and the third established church in Kernersville. The church is no longer standing at this cemetery.

Come and celebrate ‘150 Years of Moravian Neighbors” as we meet in the 1867 Historic Sanctuary to participate in some Moravian customs and hear some of the long history of this important part of our community.  As usual, everyone is welcome


 PLEASE NOTE: Our KHPS Historic Preservation Month meeting will be on

Monday, May 15 @ 6:00PM
St Paul’s Pre-Civil War Black Cemetery
Located behind the Stafford House at 711 S. Main Street in Kernersville